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Ceramic tile industry statistics

Ceramic tiles and porcelain industry of Iran ranked third after China and India in Asia, and ranked fourth in the world, 500 million square meters annually


Digital Printing

Digital printing systems such as printers based on dye-house Painting by piezoelectric heads carry on the tiles. After production the mold pressing shaped tile edges are round. There is always a difference between the dimensions of the atiles.


Tile Without clauses (Rectifier)

So, the cutting edges of the tiles device (calibrated) to rectify all the tiles are the same size. In order to establish the size of the tiles and the tiles will have more effect. It is recommended that you install will work without a grout.


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About Us----------------------

Charisma Ceramic and Tile Company


Iranian ceramic tiles produced in broad market today, high quality products requires systematic planning based on the circumstances and the desire to progress is constant. 

charisma Group ceramic tile has started to operate in 1389 with specific goals, having years of experience in the production of ceramic tiles, external sales force, as well as young, educated and experienced

charisma tile and Ceramic Brand has cooperating with EMG group (All the machines are from Italy)

The company hopes to produce beautiful designs and best quality to win customers' satisfaction.

Charisma and EMG gets through the Knight Tile Industry Management Europe Award and Leadership Brand and quality of the image is selected.

Corporate objectives in both the short term and long term programs are scheduled as follows: 

· Development and Diversification Products 

· Increase the quality 

· Receiving international standards 

· Protecting the environment 

· Continuous efforts to keep pace with international standards 

· Increased consumer culture 

· Increased customer culture index





Contact Us----------------------


 Address: Tehran - Vanak - Shiraz South Street - Western Garmsar Avenue - Seccend Bahar - No.10 

  Tel: +98-21-88610904   

Email: info@charisma.ir     


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